What is HGS?


Hoosier Girls State is a program designed to educate young women of Indiana in the  duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  It is a week of living and learning the political system of Indiana through a mythical City, County and State.

The young women chosen for this honor by an American Legion Auxiliary Unit are named as delegates to Hoosier Girls State.  In addition, an American Legion Auxiliary Unit may designate other young women to serve as alternates in case a delegate cannot attend the Hoosier Girls session.

Once delegates arrive and register, they become citizens of Hoosier Girls State and are assigned to one of the two political parties – Federalist or Nationalist.  (This name change is necessary since citizens are elected as delegates for political party activities.)  Citizens learn the political party structure and every citizen files and campaigns for an elective office.  Once elected, they serve in that office.

Eligibility for Hoosier Girls State requires a Girls State Delegate should be enrolled in an Indiana high school or state certified home school, be in the junior class, be in the upper half of her class academically, and be sponsored by an American Legion Auxiliary Unit, Department of Indiana.

Qualifications for HGS, includes that a Delegate shall be interested in government, have leadership abilities, be honest and possess good character.  She shall show proper respect to the U. S. Flag and have a love for God and Country.

Expectations of HGS delegates, include staying the entire HGS session, showing respect for the American Flag; participating in all aspects of the scheduled program; following the guidelines and rules of the HGS Board and Trine University; giving proper respect to all staff members and all other HGS delegates.  Love for God and Country will be broadened by inspirational Flag ceremonies and non-denominational religious services held during the HGS week and all participants are expected to attend these programs.

Citizenship, not politics, is emphasized at Girls State, and competition for elective office is the means to an end, not the goal.

History, Eligibility, & Selection